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Inspiring a new drinking system

Image by Jason Leung

We are potiio,
a lifestyle hydration platform that activates senses playfully, yet serious about wellness and sustainability.
Because life’s worth every little pleasures. 

The genie in our potable water bottle hacks the sweet receptor of tastebuds and creates sensational sweetspot through an autoplay of flavour and water infusion.

Light on sugar, big on taste.

Recycle our capsules

Reuse our bottles

Revolutionize your soft drinks

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Our  Technology


less calories

luxurious flavors

Our science - The Sweetspot Discovery

potiio's patent pending pulse technology releases sensational taste in a drinking experience with half the usual sweetness input and no chemical additives. The changeability of its wide-ranging, eco-friendly and recyclable flavor capsules keeps hydration exciting and nutrients intact while the water can be filled anywhere on the go.


How it works

Our technology in a nutshell

- Mouth model - 

One sip out of a potiio-bottle,
with a high-speed camera


One day in your life -
with potiio

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Our Vision

Abstraktes Muster 9

Nutritious beverage to energetically start the day

Mood drink to stay hydrated

Boost drink to stay focused

Tasty drink to optimize digestion

Low-sugar soft drink for motivation

Regeneration after sport


Our Team

Cédric Sax

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Founder / CEO

Alessandro Hofmann

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Co-Founder / Business Development

Anurak Supornpraditchai

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Product Designer


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