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Inspiring a new drinking system

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Our Mission

We are potiio, and together with you, we want to revolutionize the soft drink market


How does it work?

How to use it

- Mouth model - 

One sip out of a potiio-bottle,
with a high-speed camera

Our  Technology

Recycle our capsules

Reuse our bottles

Revolutionize your Soft Drinks

Our science -
Light on sugar, big on taste

potiio's patent pending pulse technology releases sensational taste in a drinking experience with half the usual sweetness input and no chemical additives. The changeability of its wide-ranging, eco-friendly and recyclable flavor capsules keeps hydration exciting and nutrients intact while the water can be filled anywhere on the go.


One day in your life -
with potiio


Our Vision

Boost drink to stay focused

Tasty drink to optimize digestion

Abstraktes Muster 9

Nutritious beverage to energetically start the day

Mood drink to stay hydrated

Low-sugar soft drink for motivation

Regeneration after sport


Our Team

Cédric Sax

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Founder / CEO

Alessandro Hofmann

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Co-Founder / Business Development

Our team

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